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Larry Fenton is running for State House of Representatives – #24 Hawai’i

I am Pro life, Pro family, Pro 2nd Amendment, Pro Business, and Pro Organic Farming.

This is an important fight we are in to challenge the status quo.  The failed policies of incumbent Democrats has led to an exodus of families and young people who can’t afford to live in their own home state.  Increased taxes and lack of prior state planning leads to confusion, redundancy, waste, and inefficiency.

The state of Hawai’i uses six times more chemical pesticides in our agriculture than the entire state of California uses for theirs.  This is according to the Organic Consumer’s Association –  How long are we going to keep re-electing the same incumbents who make life worse for the people?

The reason I decided to run for the State House of Representatives is because the current office holder has been in her position since I bought my condo back in 2008.  Slow deterioration in quality of life for myself and others who live in the area and recent bad legislation prompted me to take the job on behalf of the residents who live in Makiki, Tantalus, Papokolea, and a portion of downtown Honolulu.  While I disagreed with the incumbents stance on Gay Marriage Special Legislative Session a few years ago it wasn’t enough for me to run for office.  The fact that she felt compelled to change 6000 years of human history and tradition didn’t bother me enough to make a challenge.  What did bother me (and should upset everyone) is the fact she sponsored or co-sponsored legislation recently that would take away or “infringe” on our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  She promoted five gun control bills recently, one of which would create a new data base for registered firearm holders.  The state of California is now using gun registration data to confiscate firearms from those who it deems appropriate.  It can’t be said that registration does not lead to confiscation since that’s exactly what is occurring there.  If we lose the 2nd Amendment it will quickly be followed by a loss of the 1st.

The fact is the incumbent office holder is not enlightened enough to understand basic concepts such as individual liberty, freedom from damaging chemical pesticides, religious freedom, and has no vision for our future.  It is not an exaggeration to state that she is a direct threat to our basic freedoms and way of life.  It’s time for an alternative viewpoint to occupy the State House.  I hope you agree and will join me in that effort.

To make a donation to our campaign please write a check payable to “Friends of Larry Fenton” and mail to PO Box 22834, Honolulu, HI 96823.  Your generous donation is much appreciated but not tax deductible.  Soon we will have online donation capability. Thank you!  Mahalo!

This is a letter I received from President Ronald Reagan in 1986.  I started out as a volunteer phone banking for Reagan in 1981 as a senior in high school.


I created a flyer for my campaign.  To view it click on the following links.  You have my permission to download, copy, and distribute it.  Mahalo!

Latest version Front of flyer

Latest back of flyer


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